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Past Events


Photo Credit: "Up, Up and Away" ©2013 Kathryn Wright

Group Sound Exploration ~ Voyage
September 15th, 2013 Decatur, GA
Relax into a healing journey of sound as you explore the rich terrain of your inner world. Here you are invited to just be, allowing the earth to support your body and your heart to guide you. By simply being present to these vibrations, an opening for deeper clarity, truth, awareness, understanding, compassion and love is created.
Photo Credit: “Up, Up and Away” ©2013 Kathryn Wright


Group Sound Exploration ~ Connectionlotus_sq
April 28th, 2013 Decatur, GA
In honor of Earth Day this month, we’ll be focusing on connection to each other and our planet. This is an opening for a deeply personal inner experience of transformation and renewal where you will gently enter into a deeply relaxed state through healing frequencies of sound. You may set an intention or simply allow the sounds to take you on an inner journey of exploration and discovery.
Photo Credit: “Lotus” © 2013 Kathryn Wright



tara_sq"Group Sound Exploration ~ Embrace
February 24th, 2013 Decatur, GA
Gently enter into a deeply relaxed state as you are embraced by healing frequencies of sound. The vibrational quality of these sounds contain healing codes and geometries of light specific to the energy of the group. Therefore each exploration is unique and specifically tailored to the participants. You may actively participate by setting a focus or simply allow the sounds to take you on an inner journey of exploration. This is an opening for a deeply personal inner experience of transformation and healing.
Photo Credit: “Tara” © 2012 Kathryn Wright


shesleeps_sqGroup Sound Exploration ~ Sisters in Sound
January 27th, 2013 Decatur, GA
Tamara Albright and Kathy Lytle lovingly present a renewing journey of sound through vocal toning, crystal singing bowls, drumming and more. Feel the harmonization of body, mind, spirit and emotions within a cradle of healing frequencies. Allow the opening of sacred inner passageways as you enter 2013 through the treasure of your heart.
Photo Credit: “She Sleeps Under a Blanket of Snow” © 2012 Kathryn Wright


Group Sound Exploration ~ Channel of Light
December 16th, 2012 Decatur, GA
In honor of December 21st’s winter solstice, we will expand our inner lights and illuminate our hearts. Experience sounds as healing codes and geometries of light through vocal toning and various instruments such as bell, tingsha, singing bowl, shamanic drum, rattle, rainstick and didgeridoo. Reserve this nurturing time for yourself amidst the demands, and receive empowering reminders that even in times of chaos and darkness, you may choose illumination and light.
Photo Credit: “Blue Vortex” © 2012 Kathryn Wright


© 2013 Tom KenyonGroup Sound Exploration ~ Ghandarva/Gratitude Ceremony
November 18th, 2012 Decatur, GA

Listen to Tom Kenyon’s recording, The Ghandarva Experience, learn about it’s history and hear the Chant of the Archangels and the Calling of the Sacred Names. Actively participate as a group by expressing gratitude through our voices – thereby blessing the sweet space of Decatur Healing Arts and creating a grace-filled light expanding far out into our community. While this is an act of giving, countless gifts are received by contributing your presence, attention and energy. The larger the group, the grander the impact. Be curious and expect miracles.
© 2013 Tom Kenyon (artwork & recording)

shadowsongs_sqGroup Sound Exploration ~ Shadow Songs
October 28th, 2012 Decatur, GA
Come play during this season of growing darkness by embracing all aspects of the self through movement and sound. You’ll gain simple, yet effective tools and have the opportunity to actively participate by using your own voice IF you so desire. We’ll then connect with indigenous wisdom as we explore our inner terrains through a sound meditation. Often times individuals experience emotional healing, release, insight and/or receive guidance. Some simply enter into a deeply relaxed state, providing stress relief and rejuvenation.